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that bag.
Effortlessly chic.


Have you ever felt this way before? 

{ Courage does not always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, “I will try again tomorrow.” }

I fell down hard on my face. I took about a week to pick myself up… But I guess in this context, it was more like dragging myself up… dust myself off, lift the head up and move on. But when you fall, you may be injured or bruised that eventually may leave a scar as a mark to serve as remembrance of your fall… Though I got myself up, I find myself still limping with the residue of the pain… I learnt that actually picking yourself up requires so much strength and courage…

August had started off rough, really rough. To look on the bright side, I’m tremendously thankful to have a few closer ones to encourage me and love me just the way I am. 

I need faith. I need courage. I need confidence. I need God…

It has been a while…

Oh hey there, it has been a while since I have made my presence on this space. Life has took a turn from the last post I made. I was jobless, a student, lost, in need of a direction. 

& Now, I got a job with a position as a Tax Associate, about to finish the last paper of ACCA, and also joined another ministry in church and getting actively involved again. 

I am still learning at every step of the way, at work, in ministry and just…life. Can’t believe that I am turning 25 this year (?!?)… I’m reaching the point of quarter life?! Time truly takes it’s flight. Through all and all, I thank God for His unchanging grace that is always sufficient when I was in my weakest, and His leading hands to bring me to where I am today. Even though there’s still so much to accomplish, I know I am able to because the joy of the Lord is my strength. 

Right now, I really got to start saving up for the future. So much to look forward. So much to anticipate. Weddings. Marriage. Our home. Our career.

& Gotta keep my positivity. Gotta keep the attitude! 

Awww, wanna make my room like this too! 

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